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Search Engine Name : Search Engine Description

AARDVARK BUSINESS : Listing thousands of the very best business websites from around the world. (English).

A BIG MAKE MONEY : Make more money, better health, and richer life (English).

AJIFFY : Search for stock market information and related sites who are bidding on search terms relevant to the stock market trades (English).

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BLACK SEEK : African-American business search engine (English).

CANADA ONE : Canadian business resources (English).

CAN LINKS : Canadian business websites with an emphasis on investment, real estate, and financial sites (English).

EMBASSY WORLD : Websites of embassies and consulates around the world (English).

EVRESI : The Greek business directory (English).

FOREX DIRECTORY : The most extensive foreign exchange directory on the web (English).

GO BANGO : Business-orientated search (English).

HOME BUSINESS CENTRAL : A web portal narrowly focused on the selection and promotion of your own home business (English).

IT PAPERS : The web's largest library of technical white papers, webcasts, and case studies (English).

JAYDE : The search engine for ebusinesses (English).

KEOZ : Business vertical portal (English).

MONEY WEB : Today's premier international financial directory and resource guide (English).

MORGLE : Connect direct to web sites by entering companys' telephone numbers. (English).

STOCKS : Financial resource guide and stocks directory

WEBSQUASH : Business online websites (English).

WORK AT HOME LAND : Search engine for telecommuting jobs and home business opportunities (English).

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